2015 How Weird Street Faire | 10 Dance Music Stages, Colorful Costumes, Thousands of People

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How Weird Street FaireThis Sunday! The 2015 How Weird Street Faire “The Weirdest Show On Earth”. For one day only, in the emerging heart of downtown San Francisco, there will be a sensational spectacle of art, music, and creativity. Join thousands of people in colorful costumes from around the world, who have come together to celebrate peace and have fun.


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2015 How Weird Street Faire Info & Photos:

From website:
2015 How Weird Street Faire The Weirdest Show On Earth

How Weird Street Faire
April 26, 2015 | $20

More info: 

In the Heart of San Francisco at:
Howard & 2nd Streets

How Weird is a menagerie of attractions, including a world renowned music festival featuring 10 stages of different styles of dance music, an open air art festival filling an expanded Art Alley, a unique market of interesting vendors and delicious food, and a platform for performers of every type.

The theme for How Weird 2015 celebrates the transformation that happens when you embrace new realities, and enter a funhouse of awe. How Weird 2015 will be a spectacle of sensory delights and a colorful carnival of activities… complete with an impressive collection of beautiful freaks on display, unusual food to eat, and exotic performers to entertain and amaze you. It will be the Weirdest Show on Earth.

The How Weird Street Faire is filled with thousands of people in colorful costumes. We ask that everyone come in costume to the faire. Come as the you you’ve always wanted to be. Be something colorful and inspiring and weird. Weird is always in style. The Magic Sticker is the perfect compliment to every costume.


More How Weird Street Faire Photos

How Weird Street Faire 2011

How Weird Hula Hooper




How Weird Street Sign
How Weird Street Faire

How Weird Art Alley Wall Art


How Weird Salute


































































More info: http://howweird.org/


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