San Francisco World Naked Bike Ride: Summer 2015 | “As Bear As You Dare” Mass Bike Ride For A Cause

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World Naked Bike Ride - San Francisco Summer 2015

On Saturday, July 25 in San Francisco, it’s time to toss your riding duds in the wash & get as bear as you dare for our 4th and final World Naked Bike Ride of the 2015 season! It’s about having fun while also joining together with thousands of other bicyclers in protesting our society’s dependency on oil. More info below.

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2015 World Naked Bike Ride – San Francisco Info:

World Naked Bike Ride - San Francisco 20152015 World Naked Bike Ride – San Francisco
July 25, 11AM-4PM | Free

Ride Begins at San Francisco Ferry Building
More info: here

This is the BIG ONE!!! Well, the second BIG ONE!!! Heck, lets just call it the Fourth Annual World Naked Bike Ride – San Francisco 2015 Northern Hemisphere Ride – Part II. A number of cities in the farther northern latitudes have scheduled their WNBRs in July, including Vancouver, the home of our WNBR founder Conrad Schmidt. In his honor and all the other participating cities conducting rides, San Francisco will also ride again.

We will begin meeting there at the Ferry Building at 11AM. Please remained dressed until we have sufficient numbers of riders and are near the time we will ride. Bring body paints, watercolors and markers to apply slogans and designs to each other and adorn your bikes with signs; meet with old and new friends.

While it is a “naked” bike ride, all are welcome; it’s ride as bare as you dare. That is, body paint, rubber latex, bikinis, topless, lingerie, bubble pack, whatever costume you are comfortable riding with. And all types of bikes are welcome too. How about some more tandems? Unicycles. Hey, get your friends with music bikes to ride too. Skaters and skateboarders have also joined past rides.

Our ride is part of a global protest taking place today in many cities throughout the US, Europe and other cities in the Northern Hemisphere. Tens of thousands of naked bike riders are protesting the global dependency of our society and economies at the hands of the oil cartels. We want to emphasize the harm this dependency causes to our environment, businesses and social lives. Nobody is unaffected. We want to endorse more bike riding and our nudity expresses our vulnerability to these matters. It also draws attention to our cause.

We will ride through many popular spots in the city such as AT&T Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Marina, the Lombard Curves, North Beach, the Haight for our now traditional ice cream stop at Ben & Jerry’s, and if weather is great, to Ocean Beach and the Great Highway. It’s great fun and an event you shouldn’t miss.

More info: here


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