2015 Bay Area Black Tie Beach Party @ Pacific Beach | Free, Pop-Up Black Tie Event, Beach Activities, Food & Drink

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2015 Bay Area Black Tie Beach

Throw on your classiest duds, gather some picnic food & your sandcastle equipment, & bring all your friends to Ocean Beach this Sunday for Black Tie Beach! Join in for free, formal beach fun! More info below.

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2015 Bay Area Black Tie Beach Info:

2015 Bay Area Black Tie Beach2015 Bay Area Black Tie Beach
August 23, Starts at 1:30PM | Free

Ocean Beach
More info: here

We are once again fighting the bitter cold summers of SF, throwing on our classiest outfits, and spending a day with random people at the beach! We will have sports activities, play board games, have an awesome bonfire, make sandcastles & if people bring grub – potluck. Don’t worry about the cold – pre-drink some whiskey, coffee or simply layer up (but fancified)!

Added Incentive: Funnel Cakes May Be Served by BM Camp Funnel Vision (http://funnelvision.camp/). Donations not necessary, but highly welcomed!

Aside from our warm, formal wear, everything else about our day at the beach will be normal. Please bring beach stuff – sandcastle tools, water toys, kites, sports balls, blankets, towels, umbrellas, etc!
Note: We will have a volleyball court, football, rubber balls, “mini” sound system & maybe some snacks for sharing! Bonfire highly possible!

PLEASE bring friends and share the instructions!

Men – This means a black or white tuxedo. It would be best if no other colors were used but I won’t hold people accountable. Men may wear a black suit with a white shirt if they absolutely can’t find a tux.

Women – This means a long evening gown of any color. No wedding dresses please (we don’t want to look like we are a wedding party taking photos.)

Where to get fancy, cheap clothes:
Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange, CrossRoads Exchange, etc. A half-hour rummaging through several Haight/Ashbury stores should get you what you need! Or, do a simple random scan through your parents’ closets. =)


Bring normal beach items (e.g. towel, blankets, sandcastle building tools, boogie board, Frisbee, kite, etc.) as well as Food/Snacks for sharing…let’s make this a potluck if possible. And, be awesomely friendly!

PLAYING THE “Improv” or FLASH-MOB ROLE (if you wish):

If anyone asks you why you’re wearing formal wear, reply that you just “felt like dressing up” or “enjoy dressing up at the beach because SF beaches are so cold.” Claim that you do not know anyone other than the few people you might be with. Never say it is a prank, stunt, or flash mob. Keep a straight face!


Where to meet: We will spend our day right on the beach in front of the Parking Lot along Great Highway (between Lincoln Avenue and Fulton)

Parking: Parking Lot is FREE! You can also park in or around Golden Gate Park

General Location/Map: goo.gl/nfxfaa

MUNI/BART Options: Take the N to Ocean Beach or the 5 to La Playa @ Fulton Ave and walk towards the beach parking lot (closer to Lincoln)!

More info: here


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