2015 San Francisco Holiday Events: Unsilent Night Holiday Walk @ Civic Center Plaza | Free, Family-Friendly Night Filled with Music & Caroling

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2015 Unsilent Night Holiday Walk San Francisco

A unique holiday walk happening this Saturday for your family & friends to come together with music & caroling at Unsilent Night! More info below.

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2015 Unsilent Night Holiday Walk Info:

2015 Unsilent Night Holiday Walk San Francisco2015 Unsilent Night Holiday Walk
December 19, 4:45-5:45PM | Free

Civic Center Plaza
More info: here

Join us for a holiday walk through the San Francisco streets, accompanied by gorgeous ambient music played on smartphones and boomboxes where the audience becomes the performer. Fun for the whole family, children of all ages welcome to participate. No musical experience necessary.

Caroling has never been so epic.” Flavorpill

“Carolers” merely need to download the Unsilent Night app and bring a portable device to play the tracks. Or dust off your boombox, download one of the four tracks, get it on a cassette or CD, and rock it old school.

Everyone presses PLAY at the same time and revelers hit the streets surrounded in a wash of beautiful noise and holiday ambiance.

Unsilent Night marries composer Phil Kline’s love of new music and memories of Midwest Christmas caroling. This piece is performed all over the world. Join us as we become a roving surround-sound stereo system. Learn more about this piece, listen to excerpts, and read glowing press reviews at unsilentnight.com/press.html.

Tip: Bluetooth speakers work great. And, if you bring your boom box, we’ll supply the cassette!

More info: here


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